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Jean Friedrich Benjamin
Loriol de la Grivillière D'Anieres

b. 9 December 1736, Berlin, Prussia
d. 6 April 1803, Berlin

D'Anieres studied law, entered the civil service of Prussia and was elected to the Prussian Academy of Sciences. His date of death is also reported as 1798 but this is uncertain. We have two papers under his hand related to probability. These are

"Réflexions sur les Jeux de hazard," Nouveaux Mémoires de l'Acad...Berlin for the year 1784 (published 1786), pages 391-398.

"Sur les Paris," Nouveaux Mémoires de l'Acad...Berlin for the year 1786 (published 1788), pages 273-278.

In the first memoir, we have the observation that some games by name are proscribed by the government and that of those which are not, participants incur a risk of being accused and convicted of a crime. For this reason D'Anieres seeks a definition of game of chance which captures clearly ruinous games. The second memoir is a supplement to the first. Here he attempts to distinguish between play and wager. The only item of any interest is his version of the Petersburg game where coin tossing is replaced by a game of billiards.

D'Anieres calls attention to the French jurist, Jean Barberyac (1674-1744), who wrote Traité du Jeu in three volumes: Volume I,Volume II and Volume III. These links are to the second edition of 1737 In this work he examines the principle questions of natural law and morals and defends the morality of games of chance