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Joseph Fourier

b. 21 March 1768 Auxerre, France
d. 16 May 1830 Paris

Fourier contributed only three works of interest here.

These two researches each included papers by Fourier on means. They are extracted and printed with his collected works as:

"Mémoire sur le résultats moyens déduits d'un grand nombre d'observations"  Oeuvres de Fourier, Vol. 2, pages 525-545. 

 "Second mémoire sur les résultats moyens et sur les erreurs des mesure" Oeuvres de Fourier, Vol. 2. Pages 549-587.

We mention also his Théorie Analytique de la Chaleur (1822) which was rendered into English by Alexander Freeman in 1878 as The Analytique Theory of Heat.