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Jacques-Andre Mallet

b. 23 September 1740
d. 31 January 1790.

Mallet was Swiss astronomer and founder of the observatory at Geneva.

Mallet contributed the memoir "Recherches sur les avantages de trois Jouers qui font entr'eux une Poule au trictrac ou à un autre Jeu quelconque." This appeared in the Acta Helvetica ... Basileae, Vol. V, 1762, pages 230-248. The problem is that of De Moivre and Waldegrave on the pool. In this contest as many players as one wishes compete in pairs. The winner is the one who defeats all players without bearing any intervening losses.  

In a second memoir, "Sur le Calcul des Probabilités, par Mr. Mallet, Prof. d'Astronomie à Geneve," also appearing in the Acta Helvetica...Basileae, Vol. VII, 1772, pages 133-163, Mallet discusses a problem considered by Jakob Bernoulli and also the advantage or disadvantage of the director of the Lotterie of Lorraine, a problem analyzed by Montmort.