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François Nicole

b. 23 December 1683 Paris
d. 18 January 1758 Paris

Nicole wrote Traité du calcul de différence finie on the calculus of finite differences which was published in 1717. In addition, he wrote a work on roulettes and two memoirs on cubics dated 1729 and 1731.

In the realm of probability we have "Examen et Resolution de quelques Questions sur les Jeux," read to the Academy of Sciences at Paris on 11 February 1730 followed by "Methode" on 29 March 1730. The two papers seek to determine the advantage a player has over others when different strengths are supposed. The situation is in a game where a given number of subgames is required for play. For example, there may be a card game of four players for which the game consists of 8 hands. This problem is in some manner related to Jakob Bernoulli's study of court tennis.