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Nicolas Struyck

b. 19 May 1687 Amsterdam
d. 15 May 1769 Amsterdam

Struyck was a member of the Royal Society of London and the Académie Royale of Paris. Apparently he was well respected by his peers in general, but there did exist animosity between him and Kersseboom. Stuyck wrote a text on the theory of chances. Besides this he wrote two other works which include parts related to probability and statistics. The text and the parts were translated from Dutch into French by J. A. Vollgraff as Les Oeuvres de Nicolas Struyck qui se rapportent au calcul des chances à la statistique des décés et aux rentes viageres tirées des oeuvres complèt published in 1912.  The documents translated are

Only portions of the Uytreeking der Kansen are rendered here.